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By | February 25, 2017

When choosing the best darts to buy, you will encounter numerous options which all provide great quality. But even though they are all of the highest quality, there is still some difference in their design and functionality. Some manufacturers focus on designing darts to accommodate specific needs of given dart players. Darts can be differentiated by their barrel, tip and shafts. All of these components dictate the performance of the darts and if one of them is inferior, the dart will have poor flight performance as a result.

The main characteristic of the Bottelsen darts is their flexibility. This means that the darts are built with the intention of providing the player with the freedom of choosing which components he wants to integrate in to the darts body. The components of the Bottelsen darts are all movable and allow you to make numerous combinations with parts such as: Barrels, shafts and flights. This level of customization eliminates any friction between the player and the dart body which is sometimes present when a player buys a dart that doesn’t suit him structurally.

The company is regarded as one of the icons in the darts industry. They have 30 years of experience and have generations of dart players who can vouch for their quality. Every professional darts player has a collection of bottelsen darts, this is attributed to their unique customization attribute and longevity. Bellow you can find review of the most popular bottelsen dart lines.


Bottelsen GT dart


Bottelsen implemented their trademark premium barrel and shaft design in the Bottelsen GT Hammer head darts. This line of Bottelsen darts is the most recognizable one and is highly sought after by dart enthusiasts. Because the company has been consistent in providing the very best quality darts for 30 years, they have a reputation which only a few manufacturers have. Bottelsen GT darts can be found with a steel tip-steel tip dart and with a soft tip. The steel tip variety is more popular and doesn’t have any changes in the shaft and the barrel, the steel tip is the only distinction with these darts. The soft tip GT darts replace the steel tip with a softer tip so the soft tip users on the other end can enjoy the Bottelsen GT hammer head.



Another great line of Bottelsen darts is the great white steel tip variation. These darts focus heavily on design and performance. The darts are a result of many Bottelsen great white steel tip dartattempts from bottelsen to produce the most functional dart without sacrificing too much with the design. The barrel is made up of an alloy that is 90% tungsten and makes the darts very robust on durable. The steel tip is designed just like in the traditional American darts. The body features a think shiny exterior which makes the darts look very pleasing to the eye. This not your regular throwing dart it’s a luxurious status symbol.

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