Black Widow Darts

By | February 12, 2017

Black Widow darts are at the absolute top when it comes to modern high performance darts. In aesthetic terms, the darts are  very imposing and provide a cool look that is very recognizable and makes black widow darts what they are. The darts themselves are manufactured by Laser Darts. The company has more than 20 years of experience and uses this experience to produce various types of black widow darts. The most recognizable feature of these darts is their Spider Leg shaft that is on the opposite end to the laser tip. In between these two parts is the barrel which is made out of very dense Tungsten providing the darts robustness. The Tungsten barrel is also coated with a layer of titanium nitride and carbide which help in structural integrity.

The spider leg shafts are attached to an aluminum base which is then covered by heat shrunk rubber. This coating enables the player to confidently grip the shaft and launch the dart without any discrepancies. The laser tip of the dart is coated with a rough black oxide which provides friction and makes the dart stick to the surface it comes in contact with. The majority of the mass is concentrated at the tip enabling for a very stable



black widow steel tip dart


The steel tip variety of darts provided by black widow is one of the most popular choices for dart enthusiasts. The steel tip darts are outspoken and considered a must have if you are taking your dart hobby even remotely serious.

Only compliments can be said about black widows steel tip darts. From the weight distribution being just perfect to the brilliant fierce looking design of the darts body, this steel tip dart is a champion. As already mentioned, The steel tip is attached to a shaft that provides a premium grip to the dart. The dart gives a very sporty vibe and is brilliant in both professional setting or when you are just having a quick game with your friends and family.




Blackblack widow soft tip dart widow doesn’t just limit itself to steel tip darts. They pay special attention to their consumers need and provide them with yet another high quality dart variation. The soft tip variation from black widow shares much in common with the steel tip variation. The darts also feature the spider leg shaft coated with specialized rubber to improve the grip on the dart.

The soft tip is altered to make the dart lighter and safer, but still incorporates the ability to stick to surfaces at a phenomenal rate.

With all its features, the soft tip black widow darts are definitely one of the best soft tip darts on the market.

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