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The single biggest factor in dart throwing performance, besides the players skill is the quality of his darts. Because the quality and design of these projectiles will directly dictate your success, it is imperative to pick the best darts you can get your hands on. Choosing the best darts is not as simple as you may think as it is a bit subjective. This means that  darts which are good for someone else might not be the best darts for you. In order to find the best darts for you, we must first take in to consideration many factors. Players with bigger hands like the heavier and longer darts, while most other players use the smaller and lighter darts which are great at maneuvering trough air.

In general, a great top quality dart will perform well no matter what skill level you are, you just need to take a moment and determine which top quality board would suit you and your playing style. Bellow we have provided numerous reviews of darts to  help you pick the best darts for your style.


BEST DARTS ON THE MARKET – Best Jarts for Sale

As we have already stated, determining which darts are the best is quite difficult, some people prefer the wide range of varieties that Unicorn darts provide, while others like to stick to the classic “American Widdy” darts.

Currently, the most popular darts are Black Widows darts. They provide superb quality for their price.

Another famous brand of darts is Bottelsen Hammer Head darts. Some will say that the darts are a bit overpriced, but the quality they provide is well worth it. They come in both soft tip and hard tip variations.


Best dart brands

We have compiled a comprehensive review of all the dart brands currently on the market. Just pick the type you are interested in.

Unicorn Darts are a renowned brand of darts. They are most famous for their wide selection of darts with unique features. The darts are manufactured for professional and recreational use and feature many characteristics such as even distribution of mass throughout the dart.



This is another fantastic brand. They specialize in producing consumer grade darts and tend to stay away from professional darts. They are also engaged in producing dart boards and have decades of experience in this business. This experience coupled with their attention to detail earned them a reputation of one of the best dart manufacturers.



Widdy darts are classical American style darts. Being American, they obviously enjoy great respect in the USA. The name itself is synonymous with the American dart game. The design is quite different to the one the English use and the darts are intended for American dart boards. They provide classic wooden themed darts with a steal point and a soft tip variation too.


One of the most recognizable names in the darting world. Black widow darts are the best of the bunch when it comes to dart quality and design. Their darts are constructed with a robust piercing tip attached to the “Spider Leg” shaft. These premium level darts are a favorite for many professional dart players and come in soft tip and hard tip variety… read full review


Bottelsen darts go a long way back. One of the oldest dart manufacturers on the planet. Throughout the years, they have always been considered as one of the very best in the business. Their experience in designing darts helps to provide their costumers with the most innovative and reliable darts there is. Their collection includes The GT shaft model and the steel tip dart model.


This is a very characteristic dart brand with may distinct features incorporated in to their dart models. The barrel of the M3 incorporates an external thread that is used for assembling the tip and shaft. The darts are made of 90% Tungsten and provide and ideal weight distribution. These features allow the darts to travel in a very stable trajectory allowing for a greater accuracy. M3 provides a special type of darts designed specially for the fans of Martin Adams. This version of darts have a more professional feel to them.


Maccoy darts are specially targeted to players who are looking to buy some darts but don’t have a lot of money. Even though the price of Maccoy darts is lower than their competors, they still manage to provide satisfactory darts. Their line features models such as Marksman pro 90%, Shark, Max, Sabergrip, Sniper, Thrust and Stealth.


In addition to selling darts, Voks also specializes in producing and selling dart accessories and parts. The most notable model of this brand is the EL-C, they also provide other models. These darts are much appreciated by both professional dart players and the more inexperienced novice players.


Arachnid darts are a high end dart brand renowned for the functionality and ease of handling of their darts. They are a company that also produces electronic dart boards, this means that their darts can be used outside the classical dart board platform on a surface like the electronic dart board.


Winmau darts are associated with many dart board tournaments. They are a very well marketed dart brand and have a very eye catching and artistic design featured on them. They have a large fan base that stuck to them for a long time because of their quality

best darts for beginners

Like any other skill, dart throwing takes time to master. But once mastered it truly is an awesome skill to have. In order to develop this skill, you first need to start somewhere. At this stage, you can pick any moderate to good dart set on the market since you are focused on improving your skills and not worrying about results. There is no need to pick the best darts on the market when just starting out, instead , look for a good value for money dart set.

Some of the best darts for beginners are Unicorn darts because they are inexpensive and provide good quality. Mccoy stealth darts are one of the best darts for beginners too. And we should not forget about halex darts, they are affordable and loved in the darting community.

When you get more comfortable at handling darts, its time to switch to a professional top grade steel tip darts set and let your dart mastery shine through.


The biggest difference between the classic steel tip darts and the soft tip darts with plastic tipping is their weight and structure. Soft tip darts are lighter and safer than steel tip darts making them very accessible to children of all ages. The darts are very light and durable with a reputation for longevity.

There are various brands to consider when choosing the best soft tip darts on the market. Most people would give the title of the best soft tip darts on the market to Bottelsen darts. In addition to making soft tip darts, they also make steel tip darts. Concerning the soft tip darts, The hammer head series from bottelsen enjoyes a great reputation and are considered as one of the best soft tip darts.

Check out best soft tip darts on the market.