Best Electronic Dart Board Reviews 2017



There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that electronic dart boards are  far superior to the classical dart boards. With the amount of features they provide, they make the regular boards seem like child’s play in comparison. These specialized dart boards allow you to keep track of the score with their inbuilt scoreboard and to adjust handicaps in order to make the game more balanced if you are playing against a more experienced player. In this article, we will provide an honest unbiased review to help you choose the best electronic dart board.

I can guaranty you that there is nothing more fun than loading yourself with those sleek projectiles and launching them at the sweet bull’s eye. With this fun gadget, boredom will be permanently erased from your life.

Because the demand for them has increased in the last few years, the manufacturers are bringing numerous types of boards out of their assembly lines. They all vary in in their size, shape and most importantly, their price.

So, let’s talk about the price, shall we?

I can give you a cheap electronic dart board, no problem. You get your board, place it on the wall enjoy playing even though you experience a few frustrating bugs every once in a while. But after a month, the circuit board is broken. What now? Why did this have to happen to me? The thing is, this doesn’t happen to you only – it happens to pretty much every owner of a cheap dart board after a few months. You see, the manufacturers of these cheap boards purposefully make bad quality boards that will last no more than a few months. They know that after your board gets broken, you will go and buy a new one, and they will make more money in the long run.

So please, I warmly advise you to not be a cheap bastard when investing in this product, there is a HUGE difference between the boards you buy at your local store and a professional  lifetime electronic dart board.

Having that in mind, I have selected the absolute best value for money boards that I had the pleasure of reviewing. Enjoy!

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Best Electronic Dart Board

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Best Electronic Dart Board

The best electronic dart board your money can buy. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard blows its competitors out of the way. It’s the latest edition in the sport and is superior to other dart boards in every way.

It houses an integrated computer that supports numerous functions like the ability to host 8 players scoring, it is programmed with 7 cricket games, 179 playing options and 39 other games. The game mods are all very engaging and innovative, a great way to spend your time with friends and family

The board is tournament quality with the dimensions of 15.5 inches. The super thin dividers eliminate bounce outs and allow for a continuous and consistent game without any darts falling off the board. The tough nylon segments are very robust and increase the board’s longevity.

It comes with an AC adapter, mounting hardware, 6 soft tip darts with extra tips, and an operating manual. In addition, you will also get a high quality heckler audio system, and the board supports solo play and has a handicap feature amongst other features. The warranty lasts for a whole year.

An absolutely astonishing piece of equipment this board is. It provides a professional touch but can be also used for fun times with your family. It provides no risk for children because you are provided with  soft tip darts. Owning this board doesn’t just imply having the technically best dart board in existence, the board also comes with a gorgeous cherry finish and complements any room beautifully, it really captures your attention.



Arachnid Bullshooter CricketMaxx 5.0 Best Electronic Dart Board

Arachnid Bullshooter CricketMaxx 5.0 Best Electronic Dart Board

This is definitely one of the most popular shelf electronic dart boards. Although it is Similar to the previous model in most technical aspects, it has a couple of features which differentiate it. Its main distinction is its functional design provided by the case. When the premium maple cabinet is fully opened, you will be served by two platforms. The left platform cases 4 sets of darts while the right one houses a very smart looking LED scoreboard.

The electronic dart board has a target area of 13.5 inches and can be used by 8 players. The Bullshooter features 37 games and 210 different game mods. No matter who you are playing with, your friends, parents, grandparents or kids, the Arachnid’s Bullshooter is sure to capture their attention for hours and hours while there playing through different types of game mods.

If you wish to hone in your throwing skills and step up your game to a new level, the board will allow you to do that with its solo game mod. Additionally, the heckle sound system guarantees satisfaction in the audio department. When you buy this board, you will get an extra 6 soft tip and steel tip darts coupled with replacement tips just in case.

This Cabinet has the power to convert people in to dart fanatics. It does this by first attracting its unsuspecting observers with its elegant and truly majestic design. On further inspection, the observers come to find that what they are looking at is infect a top quality dart board. The players give it a try, and this is where they get hooked! Once they start playing, it’s VERY hard to stop. Their next station is the dart board shop.

If you don’t believe me, check out the board and find out for yourself.


Viper Solar Blast Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board

Viper Solar Blast Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board

The Viper Solar Blast is an absolute beast. The way it looks when you hang this monster in your room makes you think it’s some kind of an alien technology from a different galaxy. It is guaranteed to make anyone who ventures in your room beg you to let them play

This electronic dart board has so many features that we don’t know where to start when describing it. Maybe we should start with the basics. The target itself is of standard measurements- 15.5 inches. The casing is made out of a highly durable long-lasting nylon polymer. On top of the board is a 7 by 4 inch LED display that is completely visible even at unusually long throwing distances. The board allows for 3 types of difficulty levels for different types of skill levels. You can choose from 43 game varieties coupled with additional 163 options. Because the user interface is very well implemented, you can adjust the settings with ease. Viper takes things a step further by providing an unprecedented 16 player support, this is a party board right here. You will find that it has an auto player switch option, bounce out button, and three volume level options and comes with an A/C adapter, 2 extra darts sets and a user manual all in the package. You will also get a 1 full year warranty.

This board is considered as the best electronic dart board by many and will give you all the bragging rights and is guaranteed to make your friends come visit more often.

It’s hard to believe a board could have this many features. See for yourself if you don’t believe.


Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 best Electronic Dart Board

Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 best Electronic Dart Board

The arachnid inter active 6000 electronic dart board has been on the market quite a long time. The fact that it is still relevant in the darting world shows just how reliable this dart board is. During these many years, this dart machine was reviewed by many dart specialists already. Although some of them claim that this is the best electronic dart board of all time, we wouldn’t put it that way. If the title of the best electronic dart board was reserved for a board that was sold in huge quantities, has the highest longevity and has the most fame, then yes it is the best. But currently, there are a few other more expensive boards that are superior to this one, and they are the ones which deserve of this title.

If you are looking for a solid and robust dartboard and ready to sacrifice a few features, then this is the board for you. It has standard 15.5 inch dimensions, it features super thin segment dividers which reduce to bounce out rates drastically. You can play 5 cricket games, 27 other game types and choose from 123 different game variations. There is also an 8 player support with two X and O LED displays, advanced audio components for game immersion, solo play mode, Bull’s-eye option and numerous other features. You will get 6 soft tip darts with extra replacement tips, game instructions, battery set up and an operating manual. These features are nothing extravagant and can be found in virtually all of the electronic dartboards. So if you are not looking for the best electronic dart board, but want a more mediocre one instead. This one would be a good choice for you.


Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board

Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board

If you don’t have the money to get the best electronic dart board, have no worries, there is an adequate solution for you – Viper 777. This board sacrifices many of its features in order to cut down on its price and market itself to a lower budget audience. It comes with a standard 15.5 inch target and a classic frame. The main distinction on this board is the limitation to AA batteries. It requires 4 of them, and you should get used to replacing them quite often. The board supports a maximum of 8 players and can be used to play 26 different games with 115 options. You will also get a dart catching ring, bounce button, concave segment holes and a super thin spider.

All in all, this board is the bare minimum if you want to enjoy your dart games. It is not of professional grade and definitely not the best electronic dart board. You will also experience stutters and bugs from time to time. The LCD screen is not resistant to steel tip darts and you will have to resort to playing with soft tip darts most of the time. But if you just want to have an electronic dart board hanging on your wall and don’t want to pay much for it, this is your board.